Beepats Building

Beepats was founded by Madho Beepat who started out from humble beginnings as a one-man operation in the La Penitence Market (down trade) in November 1953. Mr. Beepat’s business soon out grew the stall in the market and he moved to rented premises at 95 Regent Street, Georgetown where he later purchased the said property.

His success continued and he managed to acquire the land site at 100-101 Regent Street which is the head office and main wholesale/retail of the business today. Being one of the first persons to start business in Regent Street, Mr. Madho Beepat was instrumental in making Regent Street into the hub of commercial activity it is today.

Through diligence, foresight and focus on quality, the Beepats’ success spiraled upwards and the business M. Beepat & Sons Limited was incorporated in November 1977 with Mr. Dennis Beepat as the Chief Executive Officer. Because of benefits tax wise, the business returned to private ownership in January 2003 and the name was changed to BEEPATS as it is presently known today with 100 employees and Mr. Dennis Beepat remaining at the helm. Beepats’ volume of sales as of 2003 amounted to a high seven digit USD figure.

Today, Beepats through its extensive knowledge of the Guyana market and its complete distribution throughout the country is a success story and a well established name among Guyana’s agency distributors. Beepats is the recognized agent for Reckitt Benckiser (North America and United Kingdom), Nestlé Caribbean Incorporated, Unilever Best Foods (UK), H.J. Heinz Company Limited/Complan Foods Limited and CIC/N.V. Consolidated in Guyana.

BEEPATS’ Operational Data

  • Warehouse space of approximately 75,000 square feet
  • Two full time Custom Brokers are on site.
  • 117 Employees
  • Fleet of salesmen and vehicles that perform daily routine trade visits around Guyana
  • Salesmen are equipped with modern based handheld PC's to allow orders to process effectively
  • Delivery of goods within the Georgetown area is done on a daily basis and on a weekly basis for the out of town areas.
  • An entire Marketing department equipped with merchandisers, promotion teams, and a Marketing executive.