Beepats Distribution Coverage Map

While there are many distributors here in Guyana, we regard ourselves as the best at what we do. It is very rare that an outside company can come into a local market and hope to assimilate fully.

Beepats company has a unique advantage over all competitors in that it is a family business that has grown over 50 years with 3 generations of Beepats. We know the market and, more importantly, the market knows and trust us. Many of the stable wholesalers and local distributors either started business in the time of the founder Madho Beepat, continued with his son, and working now with his grandson. Being a family based organization allows us some advantage over competitors:

  • Decisions can be made almost instantaneously without having to wait for boardroom beurocracy
  • Easily identifiable marketing strategies catered for the Guyanese society
  • Unique customer relationships
  • Profound knowledge of Guyana and its spending patterns